Hi, I'm Davis!

(yes, that is my first name!)

I'm primarily a modern web developer: Node.js, GraphQL, Chatbots, platform integrations, etc. I used to be very committed to the Microsoft ecosystem, but I turned in my MSFT fan boi card and have been having a blast with Linux, Mac and the modern dev ecosystem. I still focus on building integration solutions for the enterprise, so Microsoft is still in the mix, but usually in the form of Azure and Office 365. I think #xPlat VS Code is pretty sexy, so you won't find me in Emacs or Vim.

Although I led with what I do for my vocation, I prefer to be avocational and covet time more than money. I'm a huge soccer fan. I rep #EBFG TID and watch every minute of Sounders football...er...soccer. I like the local soccer scenes, too, and coach youth clubs to pass on the love of the game to younger generations. If I have one vice, it's craft coffee. I love to explore high-quality beans and really geek out over diffrent brew methods. I've also been working on perfecting my BPC and like the results so far. I consume profuse amounts of content: reading, audiobooks, podcasts, blogs, and rappin' with cool cats...old school science droppin', ya dig?!

That's a little about me. If you want to chat, drop me a line and let me know how I can help you.

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